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Development of E-Health Solutions Improving Resilience in Europe
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The DESIRE Eurocluster project has been launched on September 1st 2022 and will last 36 months. It is composed by 1 business support organisation and 4 clusters from Austria, France, Romania and Poland.

It will address the challenges that SMEs face when accessing the European eHealth and Digital Health Market in order to build resilience and facilitate green and digital transition.

In order to reach its objectives, DESIRE will:

  • Set up a Collaboration Platform as cooperation model involving 100 relevant actors among health care industry, clinical users, health care providers, care sector, private & public health care insurance institutions, government & authorities
  • Set up a Service Provision Forum as virtual collaboration space and an additional Market Channel hosting information, matchmaking, consultation and trainings
  • Organise 12 collaboration events targeting SMEs, investors and health industry actors;
  • Organise 150 bilateral consultation meetings with stakeholders
  • Organise 4 webinars as trainings for cluster managers to build up capacities and know-how
  • Create 37 resilience preparedness business continuity plans (1 annotated model RPBC-plan, 1 transnational and 35 SME RPBC plans)
    In addition, DESIRE will provide a mentoring program (including financial support) to 35 innovative SMEs selected through a Call for application in order to identify at least 15 new-to-company product/service innovations and to adopt 10 business process innovations.

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Austria 143
Romania 53
Poland 36
United Kingdom 26
France 25
Spain 19
Germany 16
Italy 14
Finland 10
Greece 10
Portugal 8
Hungary 5
Denmark 5
Türkiye 3
Slovenia 3
Lithuania 3
Czech Republic 3
Bulgaria 3
Netherlands 3
United Arab Emirates 3
United States 3
Sweden 2
Belgium 2
Estonia 2
Ukraine 1
Serbia 1
Switzerland 1
Cyprus 1
Monaco 1
Norway 1
Colombia 1
Nigeria 1
Total 408